American NETWORK Services, Inc.


image Our primary service mission over several decades has been to engage Employers and Workers in a PARTNERSHIP FOR POSITIVE CHANGE THAT WORKS ~ using cutting edge assessment tools & human development training materials ~ presented through the most current communication technologies

Our earliest publication was THE BACK SCHOOL followed by THE PORTABLE BACK, TENSION MANAGEMENT & RELAXATION - all published by CV Mosby / Times Mirror - leading medical publisher in Orthopedic Medicine and Nursing

We once Trained Your Trainers onsite using multi-media training materials

Today we are online ~ servicing Health & Safety Directors ~ with engaging e-learning technologies ~ developing your in-house Team of Les Conseillers

If you are a Health & Safety Professional we want to work with you. We will be creative. You will want to customize FFSBP 2020 differently for different divisions with different needs. Our dynamic, module based system of inter-related e-learning components is ideal for diverse Worker environments. You might want to start a process of Organizational & Worker Change with a small group of enthusiatic volunteers. Be assured, volunteers will surface quite on their own and the process will expand steadily, especially as you implement Stage 3 of ourr refreezing process for lasting organizational change

Our approach to Total Worker Health & Safety can easily adapt to your specific needs because the performance principles we teach blend seamlessly with everyones particular needs

Example: Swinging a golf club follows the same movement requirements as swinging a baseball bat. Once you understand the underlying Positive Performance principles basic to all correct movement you can design your own Health & Safety programs to meet your specific needs

Dr. Mulry offers PPP Advanced TeleCoaching for those motivated toward personal performance excellence

We look forward to working with you in today's dynamic, e-learning environment


Our Track Record

We have pioneered self-management of total personal health over decades - always emphazing self-management of personal health - especially back injuries - along with other strains and sprains. Our Tension Management & Relaxation publication was a first in the then emerging emphasis on stress. Our Relaxation Therapy is the original RT.

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